School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery - Trauma

Location: Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center (Dearborn), Oakwood Heritage Hospital (Taylor), St. John Hospital and Medical Center (Detroit)
Instructor: Drs. Faulkner, Perry, or Schoch

Students must have passed Year 3 surgery. Emphasis on acute fractures, problem fractures or complications of fracture care; clinical and operative experience with the care of fracture patients; exposure to the acute treatment of poly-trauma patients as well as more common fracture to the upper and lower extremity. Students will be expected to demonstrate proper splint placement, wound closure technique and physical exam fractures.

Methods: Operating Room.

Prerequisite: General Surgery

Recommended Reading Material: The student will be supplied with a reference booklet.

Length: 1 month; Days/Week: 5-6; Hours/Week: 40-70; Night Calls/Month: 4 (Please call (313) 375-7218 to arrange rotation).

Evaluation: Oral and Written

Maximum Number of Students (period-month-capacity): 1 (July): 2, 2 (August): 2, 3 (September): 2, 4 (October): 2, 5 (November): 2, 6 (December): 2, 7 (January): 2, 8 (February): 2, 9 (March): 2, 10 (April): 2, 11 (May): 2, 12 (June): 2