School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery - Hand

Location: Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center (Dearborn) or St. John Hospital and Medical Center (Detroit)
Instructor: Drs. Singer or Dietz

Available to Year 3 & 4. Students will learn about the care of patients with upper extremity disorders; develop physical exam skills for detailed upper extremity anatomy and surgery problems of the upper extremity; become familiar with common upper extremity complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome, other compressive neuropathies, tendon injuries, common hand fractures, arthritis of the hand, and common congenital deformities.

Methods: Private Practice/Operating Room/Ward Rounds

Prerequisite: General Surgery

Recommended Reading Material: The student will be supplied with a reference booklet.

Length: 1 month; Days/Week: 5-6; Hours/Week: 40-70; Night Calls/Month: N/A (Please call (313) 375-7218 to arrange rotation).

Evaluation: Oral and Written.

Maximum Number of Students (period-month-capacity): 1 (July): 2, 2 (August): 2, 3 (September): 2, 4 (October): 2, 5 (November): 2, 6 (December): 2, 7 (January): 2, 8 (February): 2, 9 (March): 2, 10 (April): 2, 11 (May): 2, 12 (June): 2