School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgery - General

Location: Oakwood Heritage Hospital (Taylor)
Instructor: Drs. Morawa or Krugel, or other Orthopaedic Surgeon as assigned.

Available to Year 3 & 4. The student will become an active member of the Orthopaedic Surgery team within Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center, Oakwood Heritage Hospital, and outpatient clinics. The student will acquire an understanding of pathological processes relevant to Orthopaedic Surgery. These will include but are not limited to: degenerative arthritis of joints, primary and metastatic tumors of the skeletal system, fracture management, and metabolic response to trauma. He/she will develop the necessary skills to conduct preoperative evaluations and provide postoperative care. He/she will learn surgical approach and technique.

Methods: Private Practice/Operating Room/Ward Rounds

Prerequisite: General Surgery

Recommended Reading Material: The student will be supplied with a reference booklet.

Length: 1 month; Days/Week: 5-6; Hours/Week: 40-70; Night Calls/Month: N/A (Please call (313) 375-7218 to arrange rotation).

Evaluation: Oral and Written.

Maximum Number of Students (period-month-capacity): ): 1 (July): 6, 2 (August): 6, 3 (September): 6, 4 (October): 6, 5 (November): 6, 6 (December): 6, 7 (January): 6, 8 (February): 6, 9 (March): 6, 10 (April): 6, 11 (May): 2, 12 (June): 2